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     Formed in August 2012, as of now, currently based out of New Mexico area. Although having many false beginnings with the intentions of true quality, persistence and consistency in sound, it was then a time of hardship and frustration. In the midst, the ongoing process of finding permanent members for lineup still prolongs the inevitable. Meanwhile having already received invitation to play at a familiar metal festival attraction a few months prior and upon the legendary meeting of metal titans on this fateful day 2019/09/05 17:25 the anticipation grows! Until now, a new legend is born! 

     Gaining notoriety while receiving positive motivation as well as both unequivocal and implied testimonials throughout the ephemeral years at such an early age from reputable virtuosos of those past and present, none other to include Jonathan Marshall (PRODIGY, PALACE TERRACE), Marty Friedman (ex MEGADETH, CACOPHONY), Stéphan Forté (ADAGIO), Syu (GALNERYUS), Gentaro Satomura (ex STORM RIDER) Bob Katsionis (ex FIREWIND) and select members of (DRAGONFORCE) during 2010 vocalist auditions. While recently obtaining approval from John Drenning (CRIMSON GLORY) in addition to garnering the skill from local Texas metal veteran Chris Litz (SEVENTH LEGEND) out of round rock to be featured on album song collaboration! Obtaining new fans throughout the world by the day. Please stay tuned to witness arrival of highly anticipated debut album for your Gainiacs! 



Coming Soon!

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